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you’re so happy

Fight Off Your Demons

QuikSilver - Fight Off Your Demons  

Brand New - Devil and God + Copeland - Eat Sleep Repeat

Made during a very depressing and hopeful time of my life. The BN represents the bad and the Copeland represents the good. I like the contrast.



The Stranger - Strange

- Foster The People, Pheonix, M83, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Pomegranates, The XX, Cobra Starship, Matt & Kim

This record is strange. This is a mix I finished years ago but totally shelved due to shittiness. I recently revisited it and changed it quite a bit. I like the finished product and I hope you do too. 


My Acoustic Record

My Acoustic Record - Several songs by: Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Dashboard, Nick Drake. The rest are single acoustic songs by various artists. 



The Stranger - Broken

-Stars, Broken Social Scene, Minus the Bear, Metric

This one has been a long time coming. I’ve had the base for several months now and it took me forever to iron out the details. Its a bit shorter than many of my previous efforts but i did what I had to to maintain a good flow. When I finished, and gave it a first listen, I did realize something different about this one. This mix is great to… how do it put this delicately… fuck to. Hell, anything with Minus the Bear makes a great sex mix. It has good rise and fall, lots of energy with a few chill out portions. Give it a shot next time you are hooking up with your favorite booty call or significant other.